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D-Rock Derek

D-Rock in the Afternoon (2-6p) & Assistant Production Director

D-Rock DerekHello there, I am Derek AKA D-rock Derek! I graduated from Sidney High School in 2005. After High School, I started my dream as a radio station DJ right here at WMVR-FM.  That was 10 years ago! Providing our listenership with entertain and keep you company! 

In my spare time, I absolutely love spending time with my son Matthew and my friends.  Whether it is just hanging out playing games with Matthew, playing cards, going bowling, or chilling by a campfire to unwind from the everyday part of being a grown up.  Another way I spend my free time is working on cars whether it is fixing something that is broken, or doing performance upgrades.  My favorite movie is any of Fast and Furious series line up!  I do drive and love sports cars! Well, that is me Derek, inviting you to join me for some fun times and great music weekday afternoons 2pm until 6pm!

Favorite color: Black & Orange
Favorite food: Bacon
Favorite dessert: Old Fashioned Cream Pie from The Spot right here in Sidney, Ohio
Favorite Hits artist(s): Bruno Mars
Favorite type of movie: Good Comedy
Favorite TV show(s): Family Guy & The Price Is Right
My Smartphone of choice is: iPhone 5. D loves the iPhones! 
When I am not on the Radio I am: Bowling every other Saturday. Spending time with my finance & family. Every once in a while take a weekend trip to Canada.  Also working on cars, playing video games and riding 4 wheelers