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      Twitter was sent into a frenzy when producer and writer Amy Berg tweeted "One has to go," along with pictures of Pratt, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine and Chris Evans.

      Several followers immediately offered to cancel Pratt, citing his support of a church with anti-LGBTQ claims (Pratt has denied supporting them) and his alleged quiet support of President Donald Trump.

      One user wrote: "Dammit, I am literally just finding out that Chris Pratt is a trump supporter and I am so messed up behind that." But others said they were already over him after he and Anna Faris split: "chris pratt was canceled to me the second he hurt anna faris".

      Pratt is now married to Katherine Schwarzenegger.

      News also broke that Avengers stars, including Don Cheadle, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Paul Rudd, Mark Ruffalo, and Zoe Saldana, are assembling their star power for a Joe Biden and Kamala Harris fundraiser. Pratt is reportedly not participating.


      Grown-ish star Francia Raisa is speaking out after an encounter with supporters of President Donald Trump. Raisa shared her experience on IG Story, writing that she had been "boxed in" by Trump supporters while driving in southern California.

      She added: "I was just on the 405 and I got stuck in that stupid Trump rally and they f---ing boxed me in and they're pointing at me and laughing at me, saying, 'Ha ha.' And literally, I almost crashed because they wouldn't let me out. I was trying to go around it, and they were all stopping and going."

      Raisa added: "It was so dangerous, and I just don't understand why that's the country that y'all are supposedly wanting right now. Really? That's what makes America great?"

      Raisa's friend Amber Riley came to her defense on IG Story, saying: "Francia FaceTimed me freaking the f--- out today, 'cause she was on the 405 and the little Trump rally on the 405 decided to box her in her car. A woman driving by herself. But they saw a Mexican in a car and decided to f--- with her. I was on the phone; I saw this myself."

      Riley then recounted her own incident with a Trump supporter: "In 2020, he saw a Black woman, decided that he was gonna try and punk me, and the m--------er spit on my car. I really, honestly, don't have words for this. I don't."


      Naomi Campbell broke the mold, and continues to even today. The supermodel hit the industry in the mid-80s, and is still strutting catwalks and covering glossies three decades later. Vogue celebrates Campbell on November's front cover, and inside, hails her as an iconic model but "a trailblazer, lightning rod, truth-teller, provocateur and—most of all—mentor and mother figure to models the world over," including recent breakout stars Adut Akech and Ugbad Abdi.


      Campbell said: "I never used to say the word racism; I just used to say, it's territorialism. I never wanted people to say that I used that as an excuse, that I was throwing that word out. Now I'm happy that everyone's all on the same page, that everyone feels comfortable to come out about their experiences without feeling some stigma. But for me, nothing's changed. I'm going to speak the same way."

      She's over the "angry Black woman" trope she said. Campbell told Vogue: "I am quite over it. Is it now that we have permission to speak? Well, I have always spoken."

      She continued, "There were a few things that I would do when I was younger that I was told were bad for my race… Now the things I do are not just for me anymore. I think more of my culture and my race, as opposed to thinking about just me."


      Campbell also shared how her life changed during the pandemic.

      "I stopped smoking during quarantine, but a friend of mine killed himself, and it really affected me. I called my guy in Israel—­he's great for sugar and cigarettes and addiction stuff—and we're going to do a session. He told me to just get through this week first."

      She also said goodbye to her 77-year-old grandmother Ruby, who lived in London. "I just knew I needed to get to her. I was panicked to fly over, but I'm so grateful that I decided to come."

      Campbell said: "A lot of the things Grandma taught me as a child came into play in lockdown. I was quite happy to be on my own. I know how to cook. I know how to clean. It's actually good to get to really know every nook and cranny of your home. I mean, I have to be really honest."


      Cambell takes a maternal approach to the next generation, like Abdi and the daughter of her pal Cindy Crawford, Kaia Gerber.

      Gerber told Vogue: "Naomi has always championed authentic relationships with designers, editors, photographers, et cetera, and has always encouraged me to do the same."


      Sacha Baron Cohen encountered a number of challenges while filming the sequel to Borat, set for Amazon October 23rd. He spoke with The New York Times about the experience.


      At one point, Cohen said he snuck into a Mike Pence speech by dressing as President Donald Trump. "Bear in mind, I spent five hours in makeup that morning with the prosthetic team changing my face into Trump's face," he noted.

      "This fat suit is huge," Cohen continued. "It's a 56-inch fat suit to turn my waist into Trump's because we had estimated that was the most realistic."

      Cohen added: "Then I ended up hiding in the bathroom, listening to conservative men go to the toilet for five hours until I broke into the room. We were surrounded by Secret Service and police and internal security."


      Cohen said: "The hardest thing I had to do was, I lived in character for five days in this lockdown house."

      "I was waking up, having breakfast, lunch, dinner, going to sleep as Borat when I lived in a house with two conspiracy theorists," he continued. "You can't have a moment out of character."


      Asked about the difference between making the first and second film, he said: "In 2005, you needed a character like Borat who was misogynist, racist, anti-Semitic to get people to reveal their inner prejudices.

      "Now those inner prejudices are overt. Racists are proud of being racists," he added, saying that Trump was "an overt racist, an overt fascist'' who "allows the rest of society to change their dialogue, too".


      Much has been made of Prince Harry and Prince William's frayed relationship in recent months. The pair's rift was in the works for years, but came to a head when Harry and his wife Meghan Markle stepped down from their senior royal roles, observers say. Now, they must repair their breach quickly, or risk making it permanent, historian Robert Lacey tells Newsweek.

      The Battle of Brothers author says that the situation must be resolved by the end of the 12-month review of Harry and Meghan's new arrangement, which is set for March.

      He told Newsweek: "Meghan's style, the way she swept into the palace, the way she brought her own American advisers with her, rubbed a lot of people up the wrong way. So there was that personal animus in those negotiations and I fear there remains to this day an obstacle to reconciliation."

      Lacey continued: "The palace establishment, the courtier establishment, remains reluctant to adapt or bend in any way to accommodate what Harry and Meghan stand for or want to pursue. I no longer rate highly the chances of reconciliation. I think whatever gets decided in March has pretty well got to be for the foreseeable future."

      One major bone of contention is Harry's desire to retain his post as Captain General of the Royal Marines. He stepped down when he left his senior role, but he was hoping to win it back. Rumors have swirled that William will instead retain it. If so, it will likely be the last straw for Harry.

      Lacey told Newsweek: "The Royal Marines position is in abeyance until the end of the review period. There have been stories that it's going to be assigned to William. Were that to be the case, that would be the end of it."


      BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN SETS REMAKE: Fifteen years after Brokeback Mountain was released, the screenplay is set for a virtual all-transgender cast. The film, starring Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal, follows two cowboys who fall in love. The new reading will stream online October 18th as part of NewFest, New York's annual LGBTQ film festival. Leo Sheng will star as Ledger's Ennis while Brian Michael Smith will play Gyllenhaal's Jack. The cast also includes Jen Richards, Alexandra Grey, Mal Blum, Jes Tom, Mars Dixon, Theo Germaine, Jordan Gonzalez, Drew Gregory and Vico Ortiz.

      YOLANDA HADID SHARES PIC OF GRANDDAUGHTER: Yolanda Hadid is loving life with her "angel" granddaughter. She shared a snap of her daughter Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik's baby girl, holding on to her hand. "My heart is expending with so much love and joy for this little baby girl she is an angel sent to us from above….." Yolanda captioned the post on Instagram.

      HOCUS POCUS REUNION: Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy are getting the Sanderson Sisters back together this month, 27 years after the cult classic Hocus Pocus made its debut. The live event, "In Search of the Sanderson Sisters: A Hocus Pocus Hulaween Takeover," takes place Oct. 30 at 8 p.m. ET. Meryl Streep, Jennifer Hudson, Billy Crystal, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kenan Thompson, John Stamos, Glenn Close, George Lopez, Martin Short, Adam Lambert, Michael Kors, Todrick Hall will also appear. The event will benefit the New York Restoration Project, her organization dedicated to improving New York City's infrastructure and greenery. Tickets cost $10.

      TARAJI P. HENSON & FIANCE SPLIT: Taraji P. Henson has ended things with her fiancé Kelvin Hayden, she told "The Breakfast Club" radio show Monday. "I'm dedicated to the black man, y'all. I just turned 50 and I mean, I hadn't said it yet, but it didn't work out," she said. "I tried. I was, like, therapy. Let's do the therapy thing, but if you're both not on the same page with that then you feel like, you're taking it on yourself, and that's not a fair position for anybody to play in a relationship."

      DOREEN MONTALVO DIES AT 56: Broadway and TV actress Doreen Montalvo has died at age 56 after a sudden illness. "It's been my honor and extreme pleasure to have worked with Doreen, as her manager. From the minute we met it was like we had been friends for years. Kindred spirits, for sure," Steve Maihack captioned a tribute to Montalvo. "This last year had been such an exciting one for Doreen with the filming of both the IN THE HEIGHTS and WEST SIDE STORY feature films, as well as her return to Broadway in MRS DOUBTFIRE. Montalvo appeared in the original Broadway cast of Lin-Manuel Miranda's In the Heights. Miranda tweeted: "It is monstrously unfair that we did not get more time with her. More shows with her. More music with her. More life with her. When someone brings that much joy and love to everyone they meet, that much commitment to the craft they love… it's unfair. And heartbreaking."


      HARRISON FORD & ED HELMS TO STAR IN BURT SQUIRE: Harrison Ford and Ed Helms are attached to star in The Miserable Adventures of Burt Squire Aboard the Horn High Yo. "There's no one better than Ed Helms to play an everyday guy who gets saddled with every comedic misfortune life could throw his way, and Harrison is going to create yet another memorable and iconic character as an unhinged sea captain. Instead of a road-trip comedy, we can't wait to see these unlikely buddies in this seafaring comedy," Adam Fogelson, chairman of the STXfilms Motion Picture Group, said in a statement. The film revolves around a family man mid-midlife crisis on a vacation.

      AMC TO OPEN A DOZEN CINEMAS IN NY: AMC Entertainment will resume operations at a dozen theaters in New York State October 23rd. NY is "vital to the theatrical exhibition industry," the world's largest chain said Monday. AMC will now be operational in 44 of 45 states where it has theaters. Titles across its chain will include Tenet, The War with Grandpa, Honest Thief and 2 Hearts — in theaters now – and The Empty Man, Come Play, Let Him Go, Freaky, The Croods: A New Age, Happiest Season coming up.

      SKY, NBCUNIVERSAL STRIKE DEAL FOR DREAMWORKS: Comcast-owned European pay TV giant Sky has signed a deal with NBCUniversal Global Distribution for hundreds of hours of content from DreamWorks Animation, including spin-off series from franchises including How to Train Your Dragon, Trollsand Madagascar. "Our new partnership with NBCUniversal brings an impressive range of family favorites from DreamWorks Animation to Sky and streaming service Now TV customers," said Stephen van Rooyen, executive vp & CEO U.K. & Europe at Sky. "Adding DreamWorks' loveable stories of dreams, journeys and heroes alongside our originals and our partner content means customers can access the content they love, all in one place – easy. Families are spending more time at home than ever before – as kids and adults alike love Dreamworks characters, hopefully this will help them enjoy more moments together."

      MILES KETLEY DIES AT 52: Miles Ketley, CEO of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's production company Stolen Picture, has died unexpectedly at age 52. Pegg announced the executive's death via Twitter on Monday. "We are beyond heartbroken at the sudden and unexpected passing of our friend and colleague, Miles Ketley," reads a joint statement from Pegg and Frost.