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      Not model behavior. A new lawsuit filed on behalf of a girl who appeared on the upcoming season of America’s Got Talent claims that Tyra Banks "humiliated" her on set and "physically manipulated and abused" her.

      The suit was filed against the production company behind the show. The girl is being referred to as "Mary Doe" in the suit and the woman who filed the suit ("Jane Doe") is her mother, Deadline reports.

      • The court papers claim that "Jane Doe" and her husband performed an original song they wrote about motherhood that celebrated "Mary Doe" and her birth. However, Banks, the judges and members of the audience disliked the song and their performance, Deadline reports.
      • The suit goes on to claim that Banks, "an individual acting as an agent of Defendants, physically manipulated and verbally abused Mary. Banks shook Mary’s shoulder, pulled Mary’s hair back and physically manipulated Mary. … Mary did not stop Banks’ conduct because Mary was fearful. Banks also insinuated that Mary was accidentally conceived, made fun of the performance and ridiculed the song in front of Mary, all in front of active cameras that were filming Mary. After the performance, Banks asked Mary to describe, in front of active and filming cameras, her opinion about Jane and her husband after they were publicly ridiculed by AGT. … As a result of her negative experience from AGT and Defendants’ abusive treatment, Mary was traumatized and became deeply depressed."
      • A few weeks later, the plaintiffs requested that AGT not publish footage of their performance or their child’s reaction. The suit claims that they agreed not to feature "Mary" but plan to air the footage of the song which the plaintiffs believe will "further" her "emotional distress."
      • The plaintiffs are seeking a jury trial and are claiming intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress, civil battery and civil assault.

      Not cool. That seems to be the message the Internet sent Kim Kardashian after she posted a photo of herself with Ariana Grande that also referenced thr deadly suicide bombing at her concert in Manchester.

      Kardashian posted a tweet with a photo of Ariana, her sister Kendall Jenner and herself at husband Kanye West’s September show at Madison Square Garden. She wrote:

      • "Concerts are supposed to be a place where u sic can let loose & have fun. So scary not to feel safe in this world. @arianagrande I love you."
      • Users immediately lashed out, with one tweeting, "We're never going to forget when you posted an inappropriate pic and made the #Manchesterbombing all about you" and another posting, "Kim Kardashian is the only person who would post a picture of themselves as a 'tribute' to the Manchester bombing... actually sad."
      • But Kardashian wasn’t the only celeb to post a picture of herself with Grande that also referenced the bombing, however. Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato did as well.

      Grand Ole Opry members Carrie Underwood, Del McCoury, and Bill Anderson as well as Dustin Lynch are hitting the stage on Tuesday, June 6th as the Opry kicks off its CMA Music Fest Week with two shows, at 7 and 9:30 p.m. The music begins earlier in the afternoon with a free Opry Plaza Party featuring Parmalee.

      Blake Shelton, Steve Wariner, Trace Adkins, Charley Pride, Roy Clark, Oak Ridge Boys, Scotty McCreery, Brandy Clark, and Sara Evans are among those scheduled for Opry performances later in the week. Tickets are available at 800-SEE-OPRY and at

      The 2017 CMA Music Festival runs from June 8-11 in downtown Nashville.


      Dwayne Johnson has shared on Instagram a new version of a photo taken of himself from the ‘90s that features the actor rocking a fanny pack and a turtleneck sweater. The new version situated side-by-side with the throwback photo, features the now bald former WWE star wearing the same outfit and raising his eyebrow.

      "When I took this iconic absurdity of a picture in 1996 I was one year removed from sleeping on a used mattress I took from a garbage dumpster in the back of an hourly sex motel," Johnson captioned the image. "Couldn’t afford to buy a bed so we do what we gotta do to get by. You can imagine all the fun colorful bodily fluids I tried my best to clean off," he continued.

      Johnson offered one more piece of advice noting, "Oh and tuck the thumb in the fanny pack. Always tuck the thumb."


      Actress Rebel Wilson broke down in court as she described an "orchestrated campaign" to defame her, which ultimately led her to lose out on plush movie roles.

      At the center of the lawsuit the Pitch Perfect star filed against Bauer Media is the source of information Woman’s Day used to craft less-than-flattering articles about her. Bauer owns Woman’s Day.

      • The source, who Wilson describes as an "obsessed and weirdly jealous" former schoolmate, gave false information that she says made her look like a liar.
      • Woman’s Day and parent company Bauer Media portrayed her as a serial liar without consulting Wilson about the truth of the matter or asking for a quote, she alleges.
      • The resulting eight articles, which were published against Bauer lawyer’s advice, came out at the height of her career in 2015, she says.
      • "When I think about every single day since I was an adult working for something, and then this group of people who don't know me want to rip me to shreds on information they know is false," she tells the jury.
      • "To write these kinds of lies about somebody to ruin their reputation when they've worked so hard."
      • Among the falsehoods Wilson points to are lies about her age and her father’s death. In addition to losing out on roles, Wilson says the stress from the bad publicity – several other outlets published reports of the stories – resulted in her developing a stress sore, eczema, a urinary tract infection and the need to take medication to sleep at night.

      After 39 days, a slew of hidden immunity idols, three advantages, and countless crazy Tribal Councils, Sarah Lacina was crowned the Sole Survivor on Survivor: Game Changers. The 33-year-old police officer from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, dominated the season strategically and was rewarded for her efforts, beating Brad Culpepper and Troy "Troyzan" Robertson in the finals to take home the million dollar prize.

      Last night’s season finale began with six remaining castaways – Sarah, Aubry Bracco, Brad Culpepper, Cirie Fields, Troy "Troyzan" Robertson and Tai Trang.

      While Sarah used strong social connections and strategic moves to get to the end, Brad got there by going on an epic challenge winning streak, coming in first in the last four immunity competitions of the season – he won five in all.

      But as Brad’s social and strategic games began falling apart. He unsuccessfully attempted to pressure Tai into giving him one of his hidden immunity idols – which did not go over well with the jury – and then made the mistake of bringing Sarah to the finals even though she was clearly a more respected player than Tai, who Brad chose to cut loose.

      The finale started with yet another crazy Tribal Council as five different players had immunity (via either challenge, idols, or the Legacy Advantage), meaning Cirie was voted out even though nobody had actually cast a vote against her – simply due to the fact that she was the only one who was not safe from elimination.

      Host Jeff Probst revealed the theme for season 35 to be Survivor: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers, which will air on CBS in the fall. Contestants will be divided into three groups depending on how they are perceived and their occupation.

      A promo for the upcoming season also highlighted six contestants. The heroes include marine Ben and lifeguard Ashley. The healers will have surgeon Mike and physical therapist Desi. Among the hustlers are personal assistant Ali and bellhop Ryan. Next season will also see the show return to Fiji, where the series has filmed the last two seasons.


      KIT HARINGTON SOUNDS OFF ON TRUMP: Kit Harington shared his thoughts about President Donald Trump with Esquire. "Mr. Donald Trump — I wouldn’t call him President, I’ll call him Mister," said Harington. "I think this man at the head of your country is a con artist." He’s not alone among his fellow Game of Thrones cast-mates. Sophie Turner and Liam Cunningham regularly speak out against Trump and George R.R. Martin, the author of the books that inspired the show, compared him to the evil character Joffrey. "I think Joffrey is now the king in America," Martin told Esquire. "And he’s grown up just as petulant and irrational as he was when he was 13 in the books."

      KRIS JENNER GRANTED RESTRAINING ORDER AGAINST JOSHUA JACOBS: Three weeks ago, Joshua Jacobs was arrested for the third time on felony stalking charges. This time, he was busted outside of Kris Jenner’s L.A. home. Jenner nabbed a temporary restraining order at the time, but on Wednesday, a ruling extended the order for herself and her family for three years.

      CHRIS PINE STILL USES A FLIP PHONE: Celebrities, they’re not just like us! Chris Pine revealed an unusual quirk during an appearance on Good Morning America Tuesday. The Wonder Woman star, 36, may have access to the most high-falutin’ of gadgets, but what does he use? "I’ll tell you what, here we go. I recently got a record player and a flip phone. I kind of like the simplifying down. I just like the simple, I just like the non-complicated," he said. "I don’t want to be connected so much.… The flip world is a whole world you gotta get into." Co-star Gal Gadot, for one, is taking a hard pass. "I was literally asking him a few days ago, ‘What is this?’" When's the last time you used a flip phone? Wonder Woman hit theaters June 2nd.

      DANI MATHERS CONVICTED IN BODY SHAMING CASE: A judge told former Playboy Playmate Dani Mathers that she had the choice of either going to jail or doing hard labor for secretly photographing an elderly woman in the gym and then shaming her on social media for her alleged flaws. She chose the second option, which means she will spend 30 days removing graffiti and then be on probation for another 36 months. Think the punishment fits the crime?

      BACHELOR ALUM BRITT NILSSON IS ENGAGED: Britt Nilsson is engaged to her boyfriend Jeremy Byrne. She announced the good news via Instagram Wednesday. The Bachelor alum wrote, "WE ARE ENGAGED!!!! I'm over the moon!!! The man of my dreams and the most godly, amazing, fun, life-giving, silly, intelligent, wonderful best friend I could ever ask for is my future husband!!!!" Nilsson and Byrne started dating last year after her split from fellow Bachelor alum Brady Toops. He popped the question after getting her father’s blessing.


      LISA SPOONAUER DIES AT AGE 44: Lisa Spoonauer, a star in Kevin Smith’s 1994 cult classic Clerks, has died at age 44. Spoonauer died at home; her cause of death has not been revealed. In addition to Clerks, Spoonauer appeared in 1997’s Bartender. Smith posted about Spoonauer on Instagram after learning of her death. "Lisa was easily the most natural and authentic voice in the room," Smith wrote. "She didn’t sound like she was acting at all; she delivered scripted dialogue as if she was inventing her conversation in the moment, like people do in real life." After her two movie roles, she went on to become a restaurant manager and event planner.

      LESLIE JONES SET TO HOST BET AWARDS: The Saturday Night Live star Leslie Jones will host the 2017 BET Awards on June 25th. "BET was the first network and place where I was on TV - I am looking to turn this whole experience into a joyful homecoming," Jones, 49, said in a statement. She told People that she is ready to bring it: "My goal for this show is to have a big 'ol nice barbecue, family reunion feel. I just want everyone cracking up. I want everyone leaving that event going, 'Wait, did they even give awards out? I was too busy laughing.'"

      TOM CRUISE CONFIRMS TOP GUNS 2: It’s a go! When Tom Cruise appeared on the Australian morning talk show Sunrise to promote The Mummy, he also let slip that the sequel to the Tony Scott-helmed blockbuster Top Gun is happening. "I’m gonna start filming it probably in the next year," he said. TheWrap reports that the project is currently in active development and will be released by Paramount.

      SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING TRAILER DROPS: In a new trailer for Sony’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, Tom Holland’s Peter Parker says he feels like he’s being treated like a "kid" by Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark. The trailer also gives fans a closer look at Michael Keaton and Donald Glover’s characters. Spider-Man: Homecoming drops July 7th.

      CHRIS PINE, GAL GADOT PSYCHED TO SHOW OFF BODIES IN WONDER WOMAN: Chris Pine and Gal Gadot worked hard for their revealing close-ups in Wonder Woman, they told E! News. Pine, 36, said that even right before director Patty Jenkins cued him, he was pumping iron. "It's a 40-foot screen. If people are laughing at you doing push-ups on the set on the day, I don't really care," he said. Gadot, 32, prepped hard too. "It was very intensive. I was prepping for this one five, six months before we started to shoot this movie," she told E! News. "Probably every day I worked out for six hours. I did two hours of gym—doing a lot of weights and making my body bigger." Meanwhile, the London premiere of Wonder Woman on May 31st has been canceled due to safety concerns following the terrorist attack in Manchester. The film opens wide June 2nd.

      JON STEWART’S ANIMATED PROJECT IS SCRAPPED: HBO confirms that it will not move forward with Jon Stewart’s animated show. The network said that his plan to create The Onion-like shorts was simply too difficult to pull off "given the quick turnaround and topical nature of the material." Stewart is still under contract with HBO and will develop other ideas, the network said.