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Music News


  • Mon, 02 May 2016 01:00:00 EST

    Drake has admitted that his relationship with Nicki Minaj has drifted. While promoting his recently released album, Views, Drizzy spoke with Beats 1 Radio's Zane Lowe and explained that he and Nicki don't speak. He said, "I don’t really talk to Nicki. She’s a person I have a lot of love for. A lot of love and a lot of respect. Not only for our past, and how much work and time we put in, but even just the way she dealt with the situation. I understand what love is, and I understand a personal situation. She dealt with me how I would expect her to — which was with class. I could only ever do the same."

    He went on to say, "There was points in time where I was sitting there waiting — is this gonna go — how deep is your love? You gotta ask yourself. I always have respect and love for Nicki. Unfortunately, we haven’t spoke. But it is what it is. Even if we don’t speak, she knows what it is. It’s always love."

    • In other Drake news, the rapper spoke on Views' first day success at a launch party in Toronto this past weekend. He revealed, "I got a text message that we sold like 630,000 something records in one night. That’s the first time I’ve ever done that sh*t." Additionally, Hits Daily Double has projected that the Apple Music-exclusive album will sell 2 million units in the first week.


  • Mon, 02 May 2016 01:00:00 EST

    Has "Becky with the good hair" revealed herself? Karrine Steffans wrote a piece for, saying, "Over 15 years ago, I had Beyoncé’s husband. Yes, I was one of Jay Z’s Beckys back in the year 2000 for about three minutes, which is about as long it takes me to satisfy a man in the back of a Maybach while overlooking the beaches of Malibu."

    She continued, "I was a 21-year-old California transplant who’d been tossed into my first music video after a fateful meeting with director Hype Williams. A single mother raising my son on my own, I jumped at the chance to make $2,500 a day to dance around and look pretty next to the artist — Jay Z. He was a long-time friend of my cousin, Chuck, and after a call from him, Jay knew to keep me close, making sure I got loads of camera time. This was the beginning of my stint as a video girl, and one day Jay and I stole away for some time alone toward the end of the day."

    • Karrine went on to say that she knew her sexual encounter with Jay was a mistake, saying, "Chauffeured away from the set, down the winding road, and closer to the shoreline, Jay and I feasted on our attraction to one another — rabidly and quickly. After just a few minutes, I lifted my head from his lap, wiped my lips, and knew we’d made a mistake. Over the next few years, I would see Jay again, as I became close with his then business partner Damon Dash. We never mentioned our Malibu melee and acted as if it never happened. My cousin Chuck would be livid."
    • She later added, "This was pre-Yoncé, of course, but the fact is that a Becky is a Becky, and I was the Becky for many men, and they were all my salvation and my destitution. They were my reason and my rationale, my life and my death, and eventually, my fame and my infamy."


  • Mon, 02 May 2016 01:00:00 EST

    Beyonce has earned her sixth Number One album. Lemonade sold an equivalent of 653,000 equivalent album units in the week ending April 28th to land at Number One on the Billboard 200 albums chart. 485,000 of that total was comprised of pure albums sales although physical copies of the project will not be available until May 6th.

    • Despite the high quality of the music, the project has drawn a lot of attention because of the infidelity rumors which were sparked since its release. In particular, Beyonce referencing "Becky with the good hair." Rachel Roy and Rita Ora have both been targeted as the alleged Becky by Beyonce's Beyhive.
    • A source confirmed to that Becky is in fact Roy. The source said, "‘Becky’ has actually been a nickname that Beyonce has called Rachel for years . . . It isn’t just a generic name for a girl."
    • The source also confirmed that Roy taking a picture with Jay-Z on the night of the Met Gala in 2014 sparked the infamous elevator incident between Jay-Z and Solange Knowles.
    • Beyonce's back-up singer Ruby Amanfu also seem to reinforce that infidelity had been an issue in the super couple's relationship. She told, "For me this album is about recognition. Recognition for one’s courage, patience, but most of all, of one’s power. Women are more resilient than we are often given credit for. We handle a lot more than we are given credit for. When I say 'handle,' I don’t just mean that we bear more . . . I mean in the sense that in the face of obstacles that need to be dealt with, we are often the ones who do the behind-the-scenes dirty work to make sure that everyone is happy and that everything remains business as usual. Hashtag Olivia Pope."

    Two white writers for Glamour UK magazine named Becky posted an article titled, "Things you only know if you’re called Becky and have good hair," that has since been deleted. The article featured gifs about hair but some of the material crossed the line as it featured a gif of Justin Bieber petting Esperanza Spaulding's afro. The article was deleted and Glamour issued a apology.

    • The apology read, "We're really sorry for the offense caused . . . not just for getting shouted at, but because we have messed a big chunk of what Becky meant."


  • Mon, 02 May 2016 01:00:00 EST


    Pop star Justin Bieber has taken some criticism since he started sporting dreadlocks. Well it looks like he's decided to revert back to his clean cut look as he cut off the dreadlocks over the weekend. In addition to the new look, Bieber took to Twitter to announce his two day pop-up shop.

    • The singer partnered with VFiles for his Purpose Tour Pop-Up shop this week in New York City. The store will be open on May 4th and May 5th at 12 Mercer Street from 12 pm to 7pm ET. So far the details of what will be available at the store haven't been shared with the public.

    Over the weekend, PETA fired off a letter to Justin Bieber after he was photographed petting a leashed tiger. Bieber was celebrating his dad's engagement at a private party in Toronto and posted the photo on Instagram. PETA Senior VP Lisa Lange said in a statement to New York Daily News, "Justin Bieber is lucky not to have had his throat torn out by this stressed, captive tiger . . . Tigers used for photo ops are torn away from their mothers shortly after birth."

    • She added, "The Bowmanville Zoo, in particular, was caught whipping one tiger more than 17 times, even after the cat was lying on his back in a position of submission and fear . . . This is why PETA urges everyone to stay far away from cruel and dangerous big-cat photo ops and also why we're asking Justin to vow that this will be his last time promoting these types of abusive outfits."
    • Bieber has yet to respond to the statement.


  • Mon, 02 May 2016 01:00:00 EST

    Rapper Khia isn't at all a fan of Beyonce's video "Sorry" and she made it known during a recent Atlanta-based internet radio interview. Khia said, "F**k her. First of all the video was tired, and through, and long and it made black people look bad as hell. B*tch, you waking around with this blonde long a** hair but you want African queens and kings in your video." She went on to blast Bey for having Serena Williams in the video, saying, "Had Serena Williams as her goddamn jester, dancing and stripping for her. I can’t believe Serena got on there and was Beyonce’s prop twerking in a body suit in this long a** black slave a** video."

    She continued on Serena and said, "Here you is black as a black juicy berry. And you getting in front of this hoe and letting her have her legs gapped open in the chair while you twerking for her like the slaves masters had us doing."

    • Not only did the BeyHive come into "Formation" and swarm Khia because of her comments, but The Game clapped back as well. The rapper left a comment on Baller Alert's page, who was one of the outlets to post Khia's interview, and said, "B*tch don't yo neck & yo back hurt… You got magazine pages taped to the wall, one droopy ti*tie bout to come out of a Target dress and them braids moonwalking off yo edges & you on here talking bout Bey…… go somewhere auntie face.

    Fan Reactions To Khia Coming For Beyonce:

    • @MrCouture tweeted, "Does Beyoncé even know who Khia is? The only Khia we acknowledge... 🍋🐝"
    • @BrookeAlyce1 tweeted, "Everybody tryna be relevant off of Beyoncé 😩 like Khia, chill. Can't even call her a one-hit-wonder cuz nobody wondering bout her."
    • @MathewNoKnowles tweeted, "While Beyoncé and Serena are breaking records and inspiring people, Khia is breaking nails on a Budweiser tab."
    • @jaeloh_ tweeted, "Khia calling Beyoncé "BeHoeSay" but all I know you for saying is "all you ladies pop your p*ssy like this.'"
    • @____BRANEISHA tweeted, "KHIA that raps "my neck,my back" said Beyoncé & Serena Williams embarrassed the black community lol."
    • @ROCKBETHENAME tweeted, "People keep saying khia was right about what she said on what does my neck my back do for African American culture."
    • @_dvmndes tweeted, "The shade of Khia finally finding someone willing to interview her and it was still about Beyoncé & Serena Williams 😂"
    • @YonceArchive tweeted, "Notice how "artists" like Khia and Azealia Banks only trend when they're talking about Beyoncé."
    • @_EclecticSoul tweeted, "Khia said Serena was twerking for Beyonce like the slaves used to do for the slave master. No one has the time nor energy 💀"
    • @ExquisiteBri tweeted, "I suppose I should stop though because I'm sure Beyoncé nor Serena actually know who Khia is. Willing to bet my life."


    In other Beyonce news, Azealia Banks has gone on another anti-Beyonce Twitter rant. After a fan told Banks, "I luv ya girl but this narrative is SUPER important to BW as our pain/humanity is too often unacknowledged by the whole world," Azealia said, "ITS NOT. because its coming from an entertainer. she's capitalizing on a national convo, w/o actually having 2 participate in the conversation. she can't be interviewed unless the questions are approved beforehand." She continued, "She's purposefully strayed away from political discourse her entire career to make sure she didn't alienate white ppl. and now that black women's suffering is a a national conversation, she wants to hop on it and make our suffering 'trendy.' She needs to stay under Jay-z's foot where she belongs, and stay out of the creative woman's way."

    • Banks went on to tell another fan, "Don't think for a second that beyonce was intelligent enough to come up with any of those ideas on her own. She's not an artist, she's a poacher. she takes food out of darker skinned women's mouths & pretends to be inspired. Beyonce spent her entire career purposefully avoiding 'blackness' but now that it's a trend she's trying to capitalize on it."


  • Mon, 02 May 2016 01:00:00 EST

    Selena Gomez is set to kick off her Revival tour in Las Vegas on May 6th. The tour will wrap up after Asian and European legs on December 18th. The singer recently sat down with E! News to share some of the biggest lessons she's learned from her stardom. Gomez said, "You're not meant to say, ‘Once I get there, I'll have it all.' I think that's the biggest lesson I've needed to learn, is how to be present in the moment, and to know that I'm always going to strive for something."

    • She added, "I think I've been doing this long enough to realize that no matter what people perceive of me, I always shine through at the end of the day. So I've had a lot of people try to tear me down, but I'm here . . . I've always been myself . . . I've been graceful, and I've tried to handle myself with as much class, and it's only because I know how hard I work and I'm not gonna let any of that get to me."
    • Joe Jonas and his band, DNCE, are scheduled to open for Gomez.


  • Mon, 02 May 2016 01:00:00 EST

    Taylor Swift has been spending her down time in between albums spending time with her boyfriend, Calvin Harris, but she may have found the time to film a cameo for the new X-Men movie, X-Men: Apocalypse, which hits theaters on May 18th. The cat was let out of the bag by actress Sophie Turner who plays a young Jean Grey in the movie.

    • Turner posted a still from the movie on her Instagram on Friday, April 29th. In the photo, Turner and Tye Sheridan who plays Cyclops, are record shopping in the '80s. Cyclops pulls out a record by Dazzler, a mutant who has the ability to convert sound vibrations into light and energy beams. According to the, Swift will play the role of Dazzler.
    • The post was captioned with, "#FlashbackFriday to that time Cyclops and I went shopping at the mall and found our favourite singer's album (pre 1989, of course)." 1989 is the title of Taylor's 2014 album.

    Taylor Swift is an honorary chair of this year's Met Gala which is scheduled for tonight, May 2nd, at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. Swift will be taking Selena Gomez as her date. Gomez told Access Hollywood, "We’re going together. It’s so fun. It’s going to be the best."

    • She added, "It’s like kind of prom for fashion . . . It's beautiful and so cool . . . And I love going, because everybody just shows up and feels great and has fun."


  • Mon, 02 May 2016 01:00:00 EST

    The woman who has repeatedly trespassed on Chris Brown's property has been caught trespassing yet again. According to Gossip Cop, Danielle Patti was arrested at the singer's house Thursday (April 28th). Breezy was home at the time, however he was not in danger. Patti reportedly wandered on to Brown's property when his front gate was opened. His security quickly grabbed her and called the police.

    Patti, who was granted a temporary restraining order against the singer in March after claiming that he threatened to kill her, pled not guilty on Friday (April 29th) to a trespassing incident from December.

    • In other news, Breezy has revealed the name of his forthcoming album. The singer wrote on Instagram, "NEW ALBUM (HEARTBREAK ON A FULL MOON). NEW SINGLE DROPS MAY 5TH." Breezy removed the album announcement post shortly after. He also dropped a mixtape this weekend with his OHB (Original Hood Bosses) crew called, Before Da Trap: Nights in Tarzana. The tape has 19 tracks and features appearances from Kevin Gates, Young Thug, Jeezy, Tyga, Tracy T and Migos member Quavo."


  • Mon, 02 May 2016 01:00:00 EST

    Marc Anthony has had quite a successful career but he recently shared that he has one major regret. During an interview with CBS' Sunday Morning, the singer shared that he really wishes he spent more time with his five children. He said, "The one regret would be that what I chose to do took so much of my time . . . What I would have done to have been a stay-at-home dad, and you know, witnessed every second of everything. I would have loved that. Didn't work out that way."

    • Anthony has five children which includes 22 year-old Ariana, 15 year-old Cristian, 12 year-old Ryan and his eight year -old twins with Jennifer Lopez, Max and Emme.
    • Anthony added, "It's the one thing that just tugs at me going and . . . . that's the biggest sacrifice. And you start to wonder was it all worth it. Was it worth it? You know, on that level."
    • During the interview, Anthony also discusses why he spoke out against Donald Trump, his childhood, his marriage to Jennifer Lopez and their divorce.


  • Mon, 02 May 2016 01:00:00 EST

    BEYONCE RESCHEDULES NASHVILLE TOUR STOP: On Friday, April 29th, Live Nation announced that Beyonce will be rescheduling the Nashville tour stop of her Formation tour. The singer was scheduled to be in Nashville on May 5th.

    JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE POKE FUN AT HIMSELF: Every May 1st, memes pop up making fun of Justin Timberlake and how he says the word "me" on NSYNC's "It's Gonna Be Me." The singer tweeted on Friday, April 29th, "Everybody . . . It is ACTUALLY GONNA BE MAY!#canyoumemeyourself . . . Probably not, right?"

    AARON CARTER HAS DECIDED NOT TO BACK DONALD TRUMP: Back in February, Aaron Carter publicly voiced his support for Donald Trump but it appears the singer has had a change of heart. On Friday, April 29th, Carter tweeted, "I have decided I will not be voting for Donald trump. I've seen a lot and to ME. it's just something I can't take part in. Too many reasons . . . And no. That's not for the fans. And that's not for anyone else but me. I just am very open obviously about things I feel. Always will be."

    MILEY CYRUS GETS A NEW TATTOO: Miley Cyrus decided to bond with her potential future sister in law, Elsa Pataky by getting matching wave tattoos. Pataky is married to Chris Hemsworth who is the brother of Miley's boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth.

    KESHA PENS NOTE TO FANS AFTER RELEASING NEW SONG: Kesha released her first new song, "True Colors" with Zedd, since her highly documented beef with Dr. Luke and Sony. The singer sent her fans a note via Instagram, "hand over heart tears in my eyes thank you. I've never been so full of gratitude in my entire life. there are really no words my loves. you have fought for me for no reason and you have successfully changed my life. YOU have been there for me through a time I thought, at many different times, I couldn't live through. I couldn't fathom being on the other side. and here we are. thanks to YOU. every one of you. please know that my gratitude is beyond words and I will remember this forever till the day I die. ( I could only tag 20 people. trust I wish I could have tagged every one of you. please know it's for every. single. one of you )"

    NICK CARTER SHARES FIRST PHOTOS OF HIS SON: Nick Carter released a photo of his son, Odin, over the weekend. The child was born on April 19th via water birth. Odin is Carter and his wife, Lauren Kitt's first child.

    DRAKE BREAKS ADELE'S RECORD: Drake's "One Dance" was streamed 7.86 million times this week in the United Kingdom to break Adele's previous record set by "Hello" which 7.32 million streams during a week in October.