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Music News


  • Wed, 22 Oct 2014 01:00:00 EST

    Justin Timberlake and his wife Jessica Biel have settled a defamation lawsuit that they filed against the UK's Heat magazine. According to Gossip Cop, not only did the couple settle the lawsuit, they were also issued a public apology by the Heat's parent company -- Bauer Publishing, in a courtroom in Ireland yesterday (October 21st).

    The lawsuit stemmed from a story that was published last month falsely claiming that JT and Biel's marriage was in trouble. The story also said that Justin was "flirting" with another woman at a club in Paris after one of his performances. The story even purported to have had quotes from Biel meanwhile the story was false.

    • In court, Bauer Publishing said, "The article was based on an unfounded report regarding Justin Timberlake’s alleged behavior at a club following a performance in Paris, to celebrate a birthday and also included a number of purported statements improperly attributed to Jessica Biel, which now understands had never been made by her."
    • Heat magazine also released a statement in court, saying that the article was false and they regret "any embarrassment caused to the couple and unreservedly apologizes to them."
    • Justin and Jessica's lawyer tweeted a statement on their behalf, "Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are very satisfied with this categoric retraction of what was a false and unfounded story, together with the comprehensive apology from Bauer Consumer Media, the publishers of Heat magazine, as read before the High Court this morning. The couple will not be making any further comment in relation to this matter, but will not hesitate to take similar legal action if false allegations regarding the state of their marriage are repeated."


  • Wed, 22 Oct 2014 01:00:00 EST

    Kanye West spoke kind words about G.O.O.D Music artist Teyana Taylor at the listening party for her upcoming album VII on Monday night (October 20th). Kanye took the mic and said, "Sometimes I don’t talk in the most politically correct whatever the type way, but I felt like I ain’t really express how proud I was, of this person, of this human being, that had the fight of this artist that’s fighting to make something that she really feels, that really connects in this generation."

    • Chris Brown and his girlfriend Karrueche Tran, Big Sean and Kim Kardashian West among a host of others attended the event as well.


  • Wed, 22 Oct 2014 01:00:00 EST

    The rumor mill has been buzzing that Beyonce wants her hubby Jay Z to hit the gym and lose 20lbs. According to OK! magazine, a source said that Bey has ordered Jay to "lose 20lbs" because she isn't happy with his figure and is worried about his health. The source told the site, "She’s so over his size and thinks it’s ridiculous that he doesn’t take care of his health. She’s worried about his cholesterol, his blood pressure, everything, and wants him to lose weight urgently."

    The insider went on to say that Jay is "very inactive" because he "spends hours in the studio or in his office." The source also said that Bey has even taken measures to get Jay back in shape, like putting him on her vegan cleanse, but he "cheated all the way through it."

    • The insider added, "She’s even told him he’s turning her off sexually, just to get him motivated."


  • Wed, 22 Oct 2014 01:00:00 EST

    Nicki Minaj's legal battle with her former wig maker isn't over. According to The Jasmine Brand, Terrence Davidson has now slapped Nicki with a federal court appeal -- attempting to collect millions in damages from Nicki. As previously reported, Davidson filed a lawsuit against the Queens rapper, claiming that she agreed to partner with him on a wig line, then reneged on their deal.

    Davidson filed legal docs last week, saying that he is appealing the decision by the court and wants the appeal courts to review the suit. According to the site, Nicki's former wig maker is hopeful that the appeal court will find that the previous judge made an error and will reverse the decision, awarding him with millions in damages.

    • Nicki has not responded to the appeal as yet.


  • Wed, 22 Oct 2014 01:00:00 EST

    Rumor has it that Jennifer Lopez may be considering a residency in Las Vegas. According to That Grape Juice, J.Lo is looking at a potential stint in Vegas at Caesars Palace. Jennifer and her longtime manager Benny Medina were reportedly spotted at Shania Twain's show at Caesars Palace this past weekend.

    According to the site, Shania is wrapping up her residency and J.Lo is reportedly considering stepping in to replace her.

    • No word on whether or not J.Lo is looking to join the likes of Shania, Celine Dion and Britney Spears as yet.


  • Wed, 22 Oct 2014 01:00:00 EST

    Taylor Swift has opened up about the life that comes with being a celebrity. In an interview with Esquire magazine, Taylor explained, "You have celebrities who are pushed to the brink of a public meltdown, and so the public thinks that every person in the public eye has dirty secrets that they're keeping, or isn't what they seem, or is masking it and faking sincerity, faking authenticity, faking being surprised at award shows when you win a Grammy."

    She continued, "I'm not gonna let them make me have a meltdown. But, I think, as a songwriter you lose your edge if you find a way to protect yourself from everything they're going to say about you. You lose touch with what made you vulnerable enough to connect with people in your songwriting. And that's not something I wanna do. So it's all about walking a tightrope between not being so fragile and breakable that they can level you with one blow and being raw enough to feel it and write about it when you feel it."

    Taylor also spoke on the media using her dating habits as a way of targeting her. Taylor said, "I think with every celebrity story there has to be a 'Yeah, but…' Take Beyonce: She’s incredibly talented, gorgeous, perfect role model for girls, empowering women all over the world. Yeah, but… let’s try to pick at her marriage. I think that every celebrity has that. And predominantly women, unfortunately. I would date someone, figure out we weren’t compatible or figure out we didn’t work out, and then we’d break up . . . that seems like a very normal thing for a young 20-something to do, and that is my biggest scandal."

    • She added, "I think it’s healthy for everyone to go a few years without dating, just because you need to get to know who you are. And I’ve done more thinking and examining and figuring out how to cope with things on my own than I would have if I had been focusing on someone else’s emotions and someone else’s schedule. It’s been really good."


    In other news, Olly Murs has apologized to Taylor after criticizing her for her new song "Out of the Woods." According to Digital Spy, the song is said to be inspired by Taylor's relationship with One Direction's Harry Styles. Olly made a comment regarding the record, saying that she should "write something new that isn't about Harry." He then said, "Bless him, it's been like two years and he's still getting lashed out, isn't he?"

    Since then, Olly has said that his comments weren't meant to be taken seriously. He told Daily Mail Australia, "I reached out to Taylor around two days ago. I gave her a letter and said, 'I'm really sorry... It came out wrong. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make any offense.' It always came out that every article says Taylor writes songs and they always link it to Harry, so I was just making a joke and defending my mate."

    • Olly added, "There's one thing - I'm not and I've never been sexist. I don't think that's right. It wasn't nice what I said, but it was a joke. I didn't expect it to blow up like it did... The presenters - it was their fault. They were egging me on!"


  • Wed, 22 Oct 2014 01:00:00 EST

    Ariana Grande has revealed that she turned to Kabbalah after the Catholic Church rejected her brother -- Frankie Grande, because of his sexual orientation. Ariana -- who was raised Catholic, told the Sunday Telegraph, "When my brother was told that God didn’t love him I was like, 'OK, that’s not cool.' They were building a Kabbalah centre in Florida so we both checked it out and really had a connection with it."

    She continued, "My life has unfolded in a really beautiful way, and I think that it has a lot to do with the tools I’ve learned through Kabbalah. I really do. You have to watch your intentions, make sure you’re not giving in to your ego. You have to numb your reactive state. You have the power to change your reality."

    • Ariana added, "You have to take a second and breathe and reassess how you want to approach or react to a situation or approach an obstacle, or deal with a negative person in your space. That takes a lot of self-control and practice and, I guess, willpower."


  • Wed, 22 Oct 2014 01:00:00 EST

    Gossip Cop has reported that Kesha swore under oath back in 2011 that she did not have sex with Dr. Luke -- who she recently filed a lawsuit against claiming that he sexually and physically abused her. According to the site, a judge has unsealed a 2011 deposition that was taken during a lawsuit in which a former manager sued both Kesha and Dr. Luke. During the deposition, Kesha was asked if she had an "intimate relationship" with Luke and if he ever "roofied" her and she said no to both questions.

    Dr. Luke's legal team has asked the judge to allow the deposition to be used in the current lawsuit, despite the claims Kesha's lawyer Mark Geragos made against the deposition. Geragos told the site in a statement, "Luke’s latest legal maneuver comes as no surprise; it’s a desperate Hail Mary and a pathetic attempt to once again blame his victim. As detailed in our complaint, Luke walked Kesha down the beach and threatened to destroy Kesha’s life and the lives of her family if she didn’t cover up his sexual assaults in a 2011 deposition. He is now following through on his threats and grasping at straws to try and twist Kesha’s coerced statements. Unfortunately protecting abusers out of fear happens all too often with battered women. This case is about Luke’s physical, emotional and psychological abuse of Kesha and her fight to get him out of her life. After being driven to the brink of death and into rehab, she’s no longer going to allow herself to wither away at the hands of her abuser as he tries to blame the victim."

    • The judge however sided with Dr. Luke on the use of the deposition.


  • Wed, 22 Oct 2014 01:00:00 EST

    CHRIS BROWN'S MOM THROWS SHADE AT KARRUECHE TRAN?: Did Chris Brown's mom Joyce Hawkins throw shade at his girlfriend Karrueche Tran? Mama Breezy tweeted over the weekend, "REMEMBERING THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS DAY EVER. WHEN YOU WERE SO HAPPY." Fans noticed the tweet and put two and two together, discovering that Breezy and his ex-girlfriend Rihanna were spotted and all smiles at a Lakers game on Christmas day back in 2012.

    TINA KNOWLES BACKS IT UP ON JAMIE FOXX: According to footage from TMZ, Beyonce's mom Tina Knowles backed her thing up on Jamie Foxx during his performance at the Angel Ball in NYC on Monday night (October 20th). After a few seconds, Jamie jokingly pushed away.

    GWEN STEFANI RELEASES VIDEO FOR 'BABY DON'T LIE': Gwen Stefani has released the video for her comeback record "Baby Don't Lie." On the track, Gwen sings, "We’ve been walking down this road some time / And you love, and you love me good, no lie / But there’s something behind those eyes, those eyes / That you can’t, that you can’t disguise, disguise." The video was directed by Sophie Muller. This is Gwen's first solo record in eight years.