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Music News


  • Fri, 31 Jul 2015 01:00:00 EST

    TMZ has reported that Mariah Carey is an Airbnb user. According to the site, Mariah used Airbnb to rent a seaside home on Carbon Beach -- which is owned by movie producer Michael Lambert. The 3,764-square-foot home has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a master suite that takes up the entire second floor and a detached guest house.

    Meanwhile, the singer has channeled French queen Marie Antoinette in Harper's Bazaar's icons issue. MiM's photos were shot by Jean Paul Goude and directed by Carine Roitfeld. Mariah spoke of the shoot and said, "I'm pretty much the opposite of Marie Antoinette, but it’s always fun to throw on a costume." Katy Perry and Oprah Winfrey are also featured in the icon issue of Harper's Bazaar.

    • In other Mariah related news, according to The Huffington Post via the Associated Press, Mariah will direct a movie for The Hallmark Channel. MiMi will co-star and direct Mariah Carey's Christmas Project. The film is scheduled to air in December.


  • Fri, 31 Jul 2015 01:00:00 EST

    Rumor has it that Jay Z is trying to break ties with Tidal. Hits Daily Double has reported, "Tidal has gone eerily quiet as of late, apart from statements of support from Nicki Minaj and Madonna, and the word is that Jay Z is looking to get out. This ambitious undertaking has cost him millions of his own money because he never got the expected funding, he still hasn’t paid the licensing fees to the rights holders and no one is likely to throw him a life preserver and bail him out, so he has little choice at this point except to stop the bleeding."

    The site continued, "What will his exit strategy look like? Interesting to note that it’s not Apple, Sony, UMG or WMG that could be putting the final nail in the Tidal coffin, but Cash Money’s Slim and Baby Williams, with their copyright-infringement suit against the service for its recent exclusive with alienated label artist Lil Wayne."

    • Word of Jay departing from Tidal has not yet been confirmed or denied.


  • Fri, 31 Jul 2015 01:00:00 EST

    The rumor mill has been buzzing about whether or not Beyonce is expecting. A source told OK! magazine, "Even though she’s barely showing, she’s paranoid that someone will pick up on it, so she’s hiding her stomach whenever she goes out." The source went on to say that Bey and Jay Z have kept quiet about the singer's reported pregnancy because they don't want to "jinx it by telling everyone before the three-month mark."

    • The insider added, "They’ve been trying for a while, and it was so hard when it wasn’t happening. They both desperately wanted another child and feel so lucky. They’d love to involve Blue, because they know how much she wants a little brother or sister."


  • Fri, 31 Jul 2015 01:00:00 EST

    Looks like Katy Perry's dispute to purchase her convent isn't over just yet. According to Page Six, a judge said on Thursday (July 30th) that he believes that the nuns who owned the estate improperly sold the convent to a businesswoman, but delayed any efforts by church officials to finalize the sale of the convent to Perry. Superior Court Judge James C. Chalfant will wrap up the case regarding the estate within months of litigation.

    However, the judge preliminary ruled that Dana Hollister's purchase of the convent was invalid. He ordered Hollister to pay $25,000 a month to support the nuns. Not only that, Chalfant also denied representatives of Los Angeles' Catholic archbishop as well as Perry, access to the convent during the dispute.

    • Hollister plans to turn the estate into a boutique hotel and restaurant, while Perry is looking to make the estate into her private home.


    In other news, Katy has opened up about her feature in the icon issue of Harper's Bazaar. Katy -- who is dressed as Liz Taylor in the mag, said, "Liz as an icon transcends time. Liz was so fabulous and decadent and had a style that evolved with the years... and I'm sure I'll be married just as many times."


  • Fri, 31 Jul 2015 01:00:00 EST

    Amy Winehouse's father has declared a war between himself and Asif Kapadia -- who directed his late daughter's documentary titled Amy. Mitch Winehouse took to Twitter earlier this week and wrote, "To all of Amy's Brazilian fans. Why no mention of the great Brazilian tour 2010/11 in Amy's film? @asifkapadia is the director. Tweet him and ask why." After a fan replied to Mitch, calling him "naughty," Amy's dad said, "Why am I naughty?" The fan then said, "Make love...not war." Mitch responded with, "It's too late. They started war."

    • According to That Grape Juice, Mitch later explained his ill-feelings towards Asif Kapadia, saying, "It was 2005. Amy had fallen – she was drunk and banged her head. She came to my house, and her manager came around and said: 'She’s got to go to rehab.' But she wasn’t drinking every day. She was like a lot of kids, going out binge-drinking. And I said: 'She doesn’t need to go to rehab.' In the film, I’m relating the story, and what I said was: 'She didn’t need to go to rehab at that time.' He leans forward and emphasizes the words. 'They’ve edited me out saying ‘at that time.'"


  • Fri, 31 Jul 2015 01:00:00 EST

    Lady Gaga's makeup artist has opened up about the singer's dislike for "conventional beauty." Sarah Tanno told Refinery 29 that Gaga's styles are rarely focused on "being pretty." Tanno explained, "Gaga's unhappy with conventional beauty. She doesn't like things to be perfectly pretty all the time—she likes to feel a little like a punk. She's rebellious, so a lot of times, if I do something really pretty, she'll want to f*ck it up."

    • She added, "In the age where everything is about a big, bold, beautiful brow—we kind of want to do the opposite."


  • Fri, 31 Jul 2015 01:00:00 EST

    Nicki Minaj's ex Safaree Samuels had some words for both Nicki and Meek Mill. A TMZ photographer asked SB how he felt about Nicki throwing a shot at him during one of her "Pinkprint" tour stops, calling him a "b*tch a** n*gga" who couldn't write her raps because he didn't have the "mind frame or the motherf*cking intellect" to do so. Safaree responded, telling the site, "I think they both need to get off my d*ck. Just know I ain't staying quiet no more. You would think that n*ggas on a world tour would have way better sh*t to do than to worry about lil old Stuntman. It's cool to get hype and say sh*t in front of a crowd when nobody knows better, but people are gonna know better." Cameraman: "So you stand by the fact that you wrote a lot of her stuff?" Safaree: "100%. Anytime you say something, I’m saying something back so cut that stupid sh*t out. Get off my d*ck. The both of yall."

    • In other news, although Birdman and Lil Wayne have their issues, it's all love between Nicki and Birdman. After hearing that the Cash Money CEO had nothing but nice words to say about Nicki in a recent interview, the Pinkprint rapper tweeted to a fan, "The feeling is mutual. He's one of my best teachers and most genuine friends. I'm glad he spoke his peace."


  • Fri, 31 Jul 2015 01:00:00 EST

    BECKY G TO APPEAR ON 'EMPIRE' SEASON 2: Becky G has landed a guest role on season 2 of Fox's hit show, Empire. Becky's appearance on the show was revealed in a behind-the-scenes video on set with Bryshere Gray -- who plays Hakeem on the show.

    REPORT: IS TROUBLE IN PARADISE FOR ADAM LEVINE AND BEHATI PRINSLOO?: Are things getting rocky for Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo after just one year of marriage? A source reportedly told Radar Online, "Adam’s acting like the same playboy he was before they wed, and that’s a problem for his wife. He goes out all the time and hangs out with other models. Recently, Adam had a guys’ night out and Behati found out he was chatting up girls. She was livid and they had a huge fight. It’s a sore spot for her." The insider continued, "Behati has had trust issues. She never wanted to be that nagging wife, but now she is, constantly calling or texting Adam to see where he’s at. It’s driving him crazy – and pushing him further away. Adam’s not a bad guy. He just loves being with women. But he promised Behati that after they got married things would change – and they haven’t."