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Entertainment News


  • Thu, 18 Jan 2018 01:00:00 EST

    In her first-ever television interview set for today (Thursday), Dylan Farrow is discussing sexual abuse allegations against her father, Woody Allen.

    The interview is taking place on CBS This Morning. Co-host Gayle King is conducting the exchange. In the run-up to the interview, CBS said that it will cover her "allegations that she was sexually abused by her father, Woody Allen, and…Hollywood’s Time’s Up movement."

    • A clip of the interview was released ahead of time. In it, Farrow says: "I am credible and I am telling the truth and I think it’s important that people realize that one victim, one accuser, matters. And that they are enough to change things."
    • When King asks her why she wants to "bring down" Allen, Farrow says: "Why shouldn’t I want to bring him down? Why shouldn’t I be angry? Why shouldn’t I be hurt? Why shouldn’t I feel some sort of outrage after all these years of being ignored and disbelieved and tossed aside?"
    • King then asks why people should believe her, Farrow responds: "I suppose that’s on them but all I can do is speak my truth and hope that somebody will believe me instead of just hearing."


  • Thu, 18 Jan 2018 01:00:00 EST

    Ellen Pompeo did not hold her fire during a recent, candid interview in The Hollywood Reporter, in which she opens up about money and sexism.

    In the piece, she claims that when Patrick Dempsey left Grey’s Anatomy during season 11, it was a turning point for her and led (after a huge struggle) to her current, blockbuster $20M payday.

    • She says: "They could always use him as leverage against me —‘We don't need you; we have Patrick'—which they did for years. I don't know if they also did that to him, because he and I never discussed our deals. There were many times where I reached out about joining together to negotiate, but he was never interested in that. At one point, I asked for $5,000 more than him just on principle, because the show is Grey's Anatomy and I'm Meredith Grey. They wouldn't give it to me."
    • And they continued to fight her, she says.
    • "So, what does it look like when he leaves the show? First, it looks like a ratings spike, and I had a nice chuckle about that. But the truth is, the ink wasn't even dry on his exit papers before they rushed in a new guy. I was on vacation in Sicily, decompressing—it was a long working relationship and it was a tumultuous end and I needed a moment to just chill with some rosé—and they're calling me, going, ‘What do you think of this guy?' ‘What do you think of this guy?' And they're sending pictures. I was like, ‘Are you people f--king nuts? Why do you feel that you have to replace this person?'"
    • She continues, dropping the p-bomb: "I couldn't believe how fast the studio and the network felt like they had to get a penis in there. We brought in Martin Henderson, but they didn't love the storyline, so that ended."
    • These days, Pompeo is rolling in it. She just signed a new two-year deal with ABC Studios, which is behind the long-running medical drama. The deal paves the way for two more seasons (15&16) for the Shonda Rhimes megahit.
    • Pompeo has now become not the highest-paid actress on primetime TV with $550K an episode, or $20 million per year.
    • So what’s next?
    • She says: "I know that I really like directing, and that my ambition is not to be an episodic TV Director for sure, that’s a very hard job. I’d love to direct a pilot. … Producing and directing is where I’m challenged and where I’m learning. It’s more interesting to me because it’s a skill I haven’t mastered yet. Acting, I don’t know. If the right role comes along, and it’s interesting, then never say never, but I do have three kids. I don’t necessarily want to travel around. Acting is a tough gig in itself, and you’ve got to travel. I wouldn’t say it’s my burning desire to go act in something else."
    • Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays, 8 p.m. on ABC.


  • Thu, 18 Jan 2018 01:00:00 EST

    Still on the market! Bleachers frontman Jack Antonoff has been moved to confirm his relationship non-status after rumors began bubbling up online that he had moved on from his ex Lena Dunham to frequent collaborator Lorde.

    The producer hit up Twitter and dismissed the rumors as "dumb heteronormative gossip."

    • His tweet reads in full: "normally i would never address rumors but i resent having the most important friendships and working relationships in my life reduced to dumb hetero normative gossip. those relationships are deeply important and sacred. with that said, im not seeing anyone. lol."
    • Perez Hilton was the first to report the rumors, and others noted that Dunham had removed a photo of Antonoff and Lorde from her Instagram feed.
    • Still, Dunham and Antonoff appear to be on good terms. The Girls creator spoke warmly of Antonoff post-split, sharing via Instagram last week that she was still wearing a ring Antonoff gave her and remarking: "Love is a really cool, powerful, eternal thing and it doesn’t have to be defined the way we in Western culture define it as beginnings and ends."


  • Thu, 18 Jan 2018 01:00:00 EST

    Jessica Chastain was never in love with marriage until she met Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo, she tells WSJ. Magazine.

    Chastain and Preposulo, a fashion executive from a noble Italian family, married in Italy last year after beginning their romance in 2012.

    • "When I first met my husband, he knew that marriage wasn’t something I was interested in. And then as we got to know each other, the idea of marriage shifted for me," she explains. "There are some things worth celebrating — and he’s worth celebrating."
    • Chastain continues, "I actually love being married. I never thought I would, but this is a spectacular human being, and I am celebrating that I get to share my life with him."
    • Chastain says that growing up, she saw her single mother struggle.
    • "My mom was a single mom; I don’t know who my biological father is, and I grew up in a household that was really financially unstable," the 40-year-old Oscar nominee shares.
    • "There was a turning point in my life where we were living with someone I didn’t like very much, a boyfriend of my mom’s," she recalls. "And he did something — my room was messy or whatever and he had taken my clothes, and I was telling him to give me back my stuff — and he slapped me. And I just kicked him in the genitals, and he fell to the ground immediately. It was me, my sister and my brother — and I remember looking at my sister’s face, and we were both like, ‘Oh, my God, what did I just do?’ And then I ran out of the house. But I always look back on that moment as knowing that, okay, if anything happens to me, I’m capable of fighting back."
    • "He never messed with me again," the actress adds. "If you allow a bully to intimidate or victimize you, they’ll continue to do it. Bullies are actually weak; they don’t go after strong people."


  • Thu, 18 Jan 2018 01:00:00 EST

    Michelle Williams and financier Andrew Youmans are engaged, according to a report citing multiple sources in Us Weekly.

    The pair have not yet confirmed or denied the story.

    • The All the Money in the World star got tongues wagging when she appeared at the Golden Globes sporting a sparkling heart-shaped diamond on that finger.
    • Williams, 37, was also seen wearing the ring on the beach in the Bahamas where she spent New Year’s Day with Youmans and Matilda, her 12-year-old daughter with the late Heath Ledger.
    • Since Ledger died of an overdose on January 22, 2008, Williams has been extremely private. She has never discussed her relationship with Youmans, 50.
    • The pair were first spotted together in Rome in July.
    • Williams was previously linked with Spike Jonze, Jason Segel and Jonathan Safran Foer.


  • Thu, 18 Jan 2018 01:00:00 EST

    REPORT: JAMES FRANCO TO ATTEND SAG AWARDS: Despite allegations of sexual misconduct from five women, James Franco is going to attend the Screen Actors Guild Awards Sunday night. After news of the allegations broke, Franco told Seth Meyers that while he doesn’t agree with their version of events, he will remain silent so they can tell their stories. Franco has also reportedly reached out to exes of his to touch base and find out how they felt about his conduct toward them. A source close to Franco tells Entertainment Tonight: "James will still attend the SAG Awards because there is no reason not to. He will carry on supporting the cause and moving forward." He is up for outstanding performance by a male actor in a leading role for The Disaster Artist. Franco accepted the award for best actor in a comedy or musical at the Golden Globes, but did not attend the Critics Choice Awards.

    NICOLE KIDMAN & REESE WITHERSPOON MAKING REPORTED $1M PER EPISODE OF BLL: Most of the principal actresses in HBO's Big Little Lies are in for a serious raise for Season 2. Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman are set to rake in $1 million per episode, according to The Hollywood Reporter, up from $250K-$350K per episode. Zoe Kravitz and Shailene Woodley are also up for a pay bump. The spike is related to Witherspoon’s new deal with Apple, which is reportedly paying her and Jennifer Aniston $1.25 million an episode for their upcoming morning-news drama.

    TOM CRUISE HITS THE SKIDS DURING MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE FILMING: Pulling off stunts without an injury is next to impossible for Tom Cruise. After breaking his ankle while filming a stunt on the set of Mission: Impossible 6, Cruise stumbled again. According to TMZ, the 55-year-old was gearing up to leap out of a window when he slipped. He was reportedly using crutches on-set, though it is unclear if he was injured or that was just a precautionary measure.

    TIME’S UP AND CONDE NAST AUCTIONING OFF GOLDEN GLOBE DRESSES: For people with deep pockets and a love for women and glam, today is a lucky day. Conde Nast is partnering with Time’s Up and eBay to auction off gowns and tuxedos worn by celebs at the 2018 Golden Globes. Proceeds will benefit the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, created to help individuals who have been harassed to find legal representation. From January 19th-26th, shoppers can hit up to bid on gowns worn by Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman, Tracee Ellis Ross, Gal Gadot and many others. Tuxes worn by Hugh Jackman, Jude Law, Seth Meyers and others will also be on the block.

    REPORT: THE SITUATION TO PLEAD GUILTY IN TAX FRAUD: The Situation’s situation has gone from bad to worse, according to a new report in The Blast. The former Jersey Shore star, born Michael Sorrentino, has agreed to please guilty alongside his brother Marc in their tax fraud case. The plea is part of a deal set to be entered in court Friday. Last week, he rejected the deal. The brothers are charged with not paying their full federal income tax on The Situation’s $8.9 million income between 2010-2012. He faces up to 15 years in prison, while Marc faces 25.

    GUESS HOW MUCH KRIS JENNER’S EARLOBES COST? Kris Jenner recently underwent earlobe surgery, because apparently perky ears are a thing now. Her earlobe surgery was filmed for Keeping Up With the Kardashians, so Page Six consulted a New York plastic surgeon on the details. He said that as we age, our ears get bigger. Dr. Stafford Broumand said: "The earlobe tends to elongate so that gives an aging appearance. You want to sort of have a perky, full, small tight ear, and as people age, they want to sort of minimize the subtleties of aging, and one of that is the ear size. That’s easy to be addressed is the earlobe." He estimates the Jenner’s procedure cost "a couple thousand dollars." Would you get a lobe-lift?

    WILL CHRIS HEMSWORTH PLAY THOR AGAIN? Chris Hemsworth’s has played Thor in multiple onscreen iterations, and now his contract is up. He and his co-stars just wrapped production on Avengers 4, which is set to drop May 3rd, 2019. The fourth film will be a follow up to Avengers: Infinity War, which is slated for release May 4th. He has also played the hero in 2012's The Avengers, 2013's Thor: The Dark World, 2015's Avengers: Age of Ultron and 2017's Thor: Ragnarok (plus a post-credits scene in 2016's Doctor Strange). While his contract is up, he tells USA Today, that he and Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi may have some ideas up their sleeves. "There is a bigger platform now to continue if we want to." Do you want to see Hemsworth hang up his cape?


  • Thu, 18 Jan 2018 01:00:00 EST

    YOUTUBE SNAPS UP EMINEM-PRODUCED BODIED: Ahead of the Sundance Film Festival, YouTube has snagged global rights for the satirical hip-hop movie Bodied, directed and written by music video honcho Joseph Kahn and produced by Eminem, and his manager and Def Jam Records CEO Paul Rosenberg. Bodied follows a grad student named Adam Merkin who becomes a battle rapper who invokes outrage on Oakland’s hip-hop scene. Calum Worthy, Jackie Long, Shoniqua Shondai, Walter Perez and Rory Uphold, in addition to notable battle rappers including Dizaster, Dumbfoundead, Hollow Da Don and media personality Charlamagne Tha God star. A sneak peak of Bodied will air during the Sundance Film Festival on Sunday, January 21st. A theatrical release will follow this year, with streaming on YouTube Red.

    NEW PHANTOM THREAD CLIPS SHOWS A FUSSY DANIEL DAY-LEWIS: Courtier Reynolds Woodcock, played by Daniel Day Lewis in Phantom Thread, has his needs. "I cannot start my day with a confrontation," he says in a new clip. "I simply have no time for confrontations." The clip shows his girlfriend Vicky Krieps bringing him tea, and the thoughtful gesture turns into a fight. The film, out in select theaters now, expands nationally on January 19th. It is the Oscar-winning Lewis’ final film.

    KEVIN DURANT TEAMS WITH YOUTUBE RED ON ATHLETE CHANNELS: NBA star Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors is creating channels on YouTube Red for athletes to run. His Thirty Five Media, which is co-owned by Rich Kleiman, will work closely with the video platform and athletes to launch channels. Durant created the first of its kind YouTube channel to great acclaim with Thirty Five Media. Since launching in April of 2017, it garnered 21 million views and 580K subscribers. YouTube Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan said in a statement: "I’ve been extremely impressed by Kevin, Rich, and the Thirty Five Media team in how they’ve rapidly embraced the YouTube platform, engaged the community and even helped provide valuable feedback on features to more closely connect content creators and fans. I’m excited to see them apply this expertise to help other athletes replicate this success on YouTube."

    THE TICK RENEWED FOR SEASON 2: Amazon is greenlighting a second season of the half-hour superhero series The Tick. The 10-episode Season 2 will premiere on Prime in 2019. Peter Serafinowicz (Guardians of the Galaxy) will reappear as The Tick and Griffin Newman (Search Party) as Arthur. Further casting changes will be announced. The final six episodes of Season 1 premiere February 23rd.

    INFERNAL AFFAIRS STAR ERIC TSANG FILES SUIT OVER SEXUAL ASSAULT ALLEGATIONS: Hong Kong crime drama Infernal Affairs star Eric Tsang, which was remade by Martin Scorsese as The Departed, has filed a lawsuit over modeling honcho Grace Han’s sexual assault claims. Han, who headed up Ford Models for Asia Pacific, claimed he assaulted several models. In a press conference, Hang said he felt he had to take action against Internet rumors: "Before, I would always choose not to engage these kinds of reports, because if I know I am innocent, then why should I respond and give them what they were looking for? But that is no longer the case in the Internet age. If you let these people get away with it, then Internet violence will only get worse, and it will be even harder for the truth to be revealed." Tsang, who also starred in Skiptrace with Jackie Chan and Johnny Knoxville, said he would not discuss the matter further until the lawsuit was over.