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Entertainment News


  • Wed, 30 Jul 2014 01:00:00 EST

    Martha Stewart thinks her friend, Blake Lively, is silly for trying to launch a lifestyle brand. The 72-year-old chatted with Huffington Post about their relationship and why she can't really get behind Blake's latest venture, Preserve.

    Martha told the website, "She moved into my neighborhood a couple of years ago with Ryan -- before they got married, they bought a house right around the corner from my house. And they started to come over, not to borrow sugar, but just as friends. In a way, Blake's kind of shy -- not shy on the screen, at all, if you've seen any of Blake's movies -- but very shy in person. But she's a baker and a homemaker and now she's starting her own blog...I haven't seen it yet."

    • When asked about the former Gossip Girl star's attempt to follow in her footsteps, Stewart responded, "Let her try. I don't mean that facetiously! I mean, it's stupid, she could be an actress! Why would you want to be me if you could be an actress? I just did a movie yesterday, though -- I can't even tell you about it -- but I want to be Blake Lively."
    • Blake's website debuted last week but it has been met with a lot of criticism because of both the items they promote and the prices they are charging for them.


  • Wed, 30 Jul 2014 01:00:00 EST

    Kendall Jenner denies that coming from a famous family has helped her modeling career. The 18-year-old appears on the cover of LOVE magazine explaining why the Jenner name has actually made her job more difficult.

    Kendall says, "I was like, 'You know what?' I want to be high fashion. I want to be taken seriously...People think that this just came to me. But it didn't. What I have has almost worked against me. I had to work even harder to get where I wanted because people didn't take me seriously as a model. Because of the TV show."

    • The Rebels: City of Indra co-author goes on to say, "I went on castings and some people weren't feeling me because of my name. But it was great when people didn't recognize me. I was like, 'Thank you. Please don't recognize me.'"


  • Wed, 30 Jul 2014 01:00:00 EST

    Bachelor/Bachelorette fans may have their own opinions on Monday night's (July 28th) finale but Bachelor winner, Nikki Ferrell, was more annoyed by ABC's After the Final Rose special. The woman who won the heart of Juan Pablo Galavis took to Twitter to call out the show's producers for their treatment of runner-up, Nick Viall.

    After a visibly upset Nick asked Andi Dorfman, "Feeling like you did, if you knew how in love with you I was, why did you make love with me?" Nikki wrote, "Gee I wonder who told Nick to say that...How the producers of @BachelorABC sleep at night is beyond me. #trash." She went on to make another dig at ABC by writing, "But on a positive note so beyond happy for @AndiDorfman and @jmurbulldog I bet it feels so good to be free! #congrats"


  • Wed, 30 Jul 2014 01:00:00 EST

    A tweet from the Australian branch of Paramount Pictures featuring a promotional poster for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles created some controversy on Tuesday (July 29th) and prompted the company to issue an apology.

    The poster shows the four turtles falling from a fiery skyscraper but when combined with the September 11th release date in Australia, people were quick to point out the insensitivity of the tweet. Some users started joking that the turtles were responsible for 9/11.

    • Paramount has since removed the message from their Twitter and Facebook pages but offered no apology or explanation for the mistake.
    • Ninja Turtles is being released in the U.S. on August 8th.

    The Poster:


  • Wed, 30 Jul 2014 01:00:00 EST

    ZOE SALDANA IS HAPPIER WITH HER BODY THAN EVER: Guardians of the Galaxy star Zoe Saldana got naked for the cover of the new issue of UK's Women's Health and she opens up about why she loves her body now more than ever. She tells the magazine, "I do look in the mirror and see things I don't want. My first reaction is I breathe and I think, 'I'm a woman. I'm 36. My body is changing.' I'm exactly where I want to be. I do feel beautiful in a way that even when I was working out a whole lot, I sometimes didn't." Zoe continues, "There have been times that I was really slender and I didn't like that I sometimes looked a little too muscular and flat chested -- you'll never be completely happy, so at the end of the day it's like 'F*** it. Just be happy, regardless.' This past year I've had to start letting go. My body dictated it as if saying, 'Slow the f*** down!' And I struggle with that. I love to be an athlete." Saldana is currently expecting her first child with husband Marco Perego.

    GWYNETH PALTROW AND CHRIS PALTROW ATTEND SCREENING TOGETHER: Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin continued to spark speculation on the status of their marriage by reuniting to attend a screening of the film Hector And The Search For Happiness in the Hamptons on Monday night (July 28th.) Gwyneth hosted the night for their friend, Simon Pegg, who is the star of movie. Her mother, Blythe Danner, was also in attendance. A source who spotted Chris and Gwyneth told People, "They seemed so comfortable with each other. It was like they were still married."

    MAYA RUDOLPH FINALLY FILES BIRTH CERTIFICATE: Maya Rudolph has finally filed the birth certificate for the daughter she had almost a year ago. She and partner Paul Thomas Anderson welcomed baby Minnie Ida Anderson on August 1st, 2013. The little girl is named after Maya's mother, Minnie Riperton. Maya gave birth at home so there was no hospital record until the proud parents filed the paperwork on Tuesday (July 29th.) According to TMZ, California law states that the certificates must be filed before the child's first birthday.

    SCARLETT JOHANSSON DEBUTS NEW HAIRCUT: Scarlett Johansson has a drastic new look. The Lucy star was spotted out in New York City with fiancé Romain Dauriac with much shorter hair with a bright blond hue. The mother-to-be attended a wedding back in May with longer and much darker locks. There is no word on whether the cut is for a movie role or just easier to manage during her pregnancy.

    JAMES GARNER DIED OF A HEART ATTACK: TMZ has obtained the death certificate for James Garner which reveals that the actor died of a heart attack. He passed at his home in L.A. at the age of 86 on July 19th. The certificate also reveals that The Notebook and Rockford Files star suffered from heart disease.


  • Wed, 30 Jul 2014 01:00:00 EST

    With all of the remakes and sequels in the works, one would expect that cult classic Romy and Michele's High School Reunion would be high on the list another chapter but that is apparently not the case. Mira Sorvino, who played Romy in the 1997 comedy, revealed to E! News on Monday night (July 28th) that everyone, including writer/creator Robin Schiff, is on board for a sequel except for Disney.

    She explained, "Disney, if you're listening -- everybody wants it! Me and Lisa (Kudrow) and Robin (Schiff) would love to do a sequel. We have asked Disney before. It's Disney that has to decide to say yes." The Oscar winner added, "I don't think they realize what a cult phenomenon it has become. I mean, people dress up as us for Halloween!"

    • Mira also said fans have approached her about a sequel as recently as San Diego Comic Con last weekend.


  • Wed, 30 Jul 2014 01:00:00 EST

    'BROOKLYN NINE-NINE' BOOKS KYRA SEDGWICK: Kyra Sedgwick has booked a guest-starring gig on the upcoming season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. She is expected to appear in multiple episodes of the Golden Globe winning sitcom. Kyra will play Deputy Chief Madeline Wuntch -- a long-time rival of Andre Braugher's Captain Holt. This is Kyra's first TV role since her drama series, The Closer, ended in 2012 after seven seasons.

    WILDCAT IS HEADING TO 'ARROW': The CW's Arrow has cast J.R. Ramirez to play Ted "Wildcat" Grant on the third season of the series. It is being considered a recurring role. Batman villain Ra's al Ghul will also be making an appearance in the upcoming batch of episodes. Ramirez previously had a role on Emily Owens, MD and can currently be seen on Starz's Power.

    CW TO AIR DOG AWARD SHOW: The CW has announced plans to air The World Dog Awards. The ceremony will honor canines from all areas including service dogs as well as pups featured in viral videos and the entertainment industry. The show is set to debut in January 2015. The network has not yet chosen a host to MC the ceremony.

    MAKSIM CHMERKOVSKIY IS DONE WITH 'DANCING WITH THE STARS': Maksim Chmerkovskiy dropped by The View on Tuesday (June 29th) where he revealed that he does not plan on returning to Dancing With the Stars. He told the audience, "I'm done dancing. I feel like it's time." Maksim added, "When I came back to the show, it was not the same...I was different, probably...When I came back, I saw this amazing talent, Val included...I looked at it and thought they can do much more and better, I was taking up a huge spot." The new season of the reality competition begins on September 15th.

    NETFLIX BOOKS TWO MORE STARS FOR 'GRACE & FRANKIE': Ethan Embry and Brooklyn Decker have been cast on the upcoming Netflix comedy series Grace & Frankie. The show stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin as longtime nemeses who are in the last chapter of their lives when their husbands, played by Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston, reveal that they are in love with each other and plan to marry. Ethan will play the son of Waterston and Tomlin's characters. Brooklyn will play the younger daughter of Jane and Martin's characters.